Underwater Rescue & Recovery Team



Lt. James Loehman
URRT/SRT Coordinator

urrtThe Lisle-Woodridge Underwater Rescue and Recovery Team (URRT) and Swiftwater Response Team (SRT) exists to provide personnel specifically trained and equipped to meet the needs of all water related incidents within the boundaries of the Lisle-Woodridge Fire District, Darien-Woodridge Fire District and MABAS Division 16 response area. We are a member of and train closely with the MABAS Division 16 Water Rescue Team. This team consists of technicians (Underwater and Swift) from five departments. Those departments are Bolingbrook FD, Downers Grove FD, Naperville FD, Lisle-Woodridge FPD and Warrenville FPD. We currently operate under Standard Operating Guidelines (SOG’s) written and agreed upon by the Division 16 team coordinators and approved by the MABAS Division 16 Chiefs.

srtOur URRT consists of approximately 20 divers. Each member has attended specialized training in water safety and public safety diving through credible agencies such as Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI) and Dive Rescue International (DRI). These certifications and skills are maintained monthly in District with open water and ice dives as well as pool dives. Division 16 meets semi-annually and trains together on various topics usually scenario based. In addition to the aforementioned training, each member is required to pass an annual swim/skills test to prove they are up to the challenges that blackwater and rescue diving presents.

Our SRT consists of approximately ten technicians all certified to the SRT1 level through credible agencies such as Rescue 3 International and North Central Water Rescue. Each member has received extensive training in hydrology, offensive and defensive swimming, size up, site control and scene management for swiftwater and flood response.

Our teams operate and respond out of Station 52 (7393 Woodridge Dr, Woodridge, IL). We maintain a 1999 International “Water Rescue” Squad and a 2013 17’ Zodiac MK4 (S525 and 525A) as well as two Rescue Engines (north and south) with similar capabilities.